Patient Participation Group

The surgery is keen to provide a patient focused service and needs patients to provide feedback on all aspects of the surgery and the services it provides. To facilitate this a Patient Representation Group (PRG) meets 4 times a year. At these meetings, members of the group will be able to give their personal views and discuss them with the other group members, the Practice Manager and the doctors. It is also hoped to exchange suggestions, comments etc by email.

If you would like to join the Patient Representation Group and help improve the running of the surgery, please fill in our registration form. Details of meetings (future dates etc) will also be posted on the surgery notice board.

The inaugural meeting of the group was held on Thursday 28 July 2011.  Meetings are held approximately every 3 months. Please let reception or the doctor know if you wish to come along to the next meeting – to play an active part in the future of the surgery.

PPG Sign Up

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